Why IzTech?

With its young, dynamic and productive researchers, projects conducted in strategically fields, advanced laboratory possibilities in the academic department and centers and with its Campus containing İzmir Province Technopark area, IzTech is rapidly proceeding in the way of becoming an important technology corridor in the territory. IzTech graduates are respected both inland and abroad; our bachelor’s degree graduates are accepted in the respected universities inland and abroad for postgraduate education on a scholarship. IzTech graduates have started to work in various industrial establishments and companies and have become successful and they have created the perception of ” An IzTech Graduate is Very Good”. There are many reasons for this and can be listed as follows:

IzTech’s Instructor Staff is formed by the academics who have obtained their academic degrees from the reputable education/research institutions of our country and world and they sustain the quality.

IzTech’s research center and laboratory infrastructure are extremely developed. However, more important than this is the fact of having limitless access to this infrastructure for all IzTech researchers and students.

With its dynamic and leading the change structure, IzTech Library is one of the keystones of IzTech’s research and education infrastructure. IzTech Library also being a specimen structure with its architectural design, helps researches and cultural developments of its employees with its about 256.000 electronic and printed books, more than 36.000 electronic and printed magazines/journals, about 1.000 thesis and more than 5.000 multimedia collections.

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The first technopark established in the Aegean Region is in IzTech Campus. Alongside of producing new information with research and application studies and providing contribution at international level by this way, ”Technologic Development Region” to be located in IzTech Campus and being far away from relatively confusion of the city, constitutes a big advantage not only for the people of IzTech but also for all universities and entrepreneurs in İzmir. Our students are able to participate in the research of more than 80 companies and are also able to serve as intern within the company. Our students also provide business connection after the graduation and at the same time they are becoming active by establishing their own companies.

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Techno-Initiative education programs organized by the company of IzTech Foundation and open to students from all the universities of İzmir, creates an important opportunity for the students of IzTech as well as the ones coming from the other universities.

The newly established Innovation Center will play the role of incubation center not only for the entrepreneur companies but also for all students of IzTech who have opinion open for development. At present time when universities change their shells and having entrepreneurship standing in the forefront, such a center is great advantage of IzTech students.

IzTech faculty members take place within the first three in the rate of utilizing TUBITAK Research Projects. This situation is an important motivation source for IzTech students who want to have academic career.

In the same vein, when international scientific publication performances of the universities having more than 100 academic members are compared, IzTech takes place on top in Turkey with its 1.27 publication average per academic member in 2010.

In IzTech, number of students per faculty member is less than 15. This is one of the best averages in Turkey. It means that establishing student-faculty member relationship is very comfortable and easy.

IzTech campus area provides an ideal environment for various outdoor sports with its geographical location and natural environment. In its sports salon having the audience capacity of 1200, there are proper sport fields where basketball, volleyball, handball matches can be performed as well as training and education areas suitable for individual and team sports together with conditioning and aerobic salon. Sport complex provides its services with its cafeteria and containing tennis courts, tennis backboard, outdoor fields, mini golf field, artificial turf football fields, and basketball and volleyball fields. It is expected to have semi-olympic swimming pool put into service within next year.

Lunch is given as fixed menu in the cafeteria having the capacity for 5000 persons. In the central cafeteria, there are two student salons and food production is done in the kitchen taking place in the cafeteria building. In addition to this, there are also cafes having different concepts and section canteens in the campus.

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IzTech Living Center containing a big market, accommodation possibility with of the rooms for 1, 2 and 3 persons, bookstore, cafe shop came into service in the year of 2014.

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In addition to student residence for 650 persons, new student residence for 900 persons will be done by Credit and Student Residence Institution.

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