KYK Student Residence

Student Residence in the Campus has the capacity for 1032 students (456 female and 576 male) and it constitutes by 43 student blocks (24 for male students and 19 for female students). Every student block has two floors and each floor has 4 rooms reaching to eight rooms in total and holds 24 students in terms of capacity.

Three students are occupied in one student room. Bathroom and toilettes are in the room and each room has 3 beds, 3 cabinets, one office type refrigerator, 3 tables, 3 chairs and 2 commodes. One piece of fiber quilt, fiber pillow, quilt cover set, bed lining, bed and under sheet are given to each student to be used in the room. Additionally, there is internal telephone in the room connected to the central.

In order to meet the basic needs of our students, in the social facility building taking place in our student residence; restaurant-canteen, photocopy-stationery, laundry and hairdresser serve. Our students receive totally 8, 00 TL daily breakfast-dinner aid from our institution (2, 50 TL for breakfasts; 5, 50 TL for dinner). Students have the possibility to change their quilt cover sets given to them during week days and in the working hours.

Hot water is provided to student rooms 24 hours a day and the rooms are heated with central heating system.

Female and male students have common working salon in the social facility building for their lessons, projects, etc. and at the same time there are two study salons made separately for the girls and boys.


In our Living Center in IzTech, there are blocks for the accommodations of Masters’ and Doctorate Students, Undergraduate Students and Technopark employees separately. Our social facilities are common and they are also open to the persons who do not accommodate in our facility. For our guests, with our room options for 1, 2, 3 and 4 persons, we have total of 221 rooms available. In our facility having 600 beds, we have special bathroom – toilet, kitchen set (refrigerator – electrical stove) TV and air-conditioner are available within the room.

In our rooms, we have bed, wardrobe, work table and its chair; bookcase and shelving unit for every student. The size of the beds in single-person rooms is 1, 5 length and additionally TV and sofa group in these rooms.