Unhindered Application and Support

During university enrollment week, Unhindered IzTech unit desk is formed and publicity is done and thus the first contact is established with the students who will start their university lives. Unhindered IzTech unit renders its services in the Chairmanship of Health Culture and Sport.

Application to Unhindered IzTech is done on the basis of volunteering. One on one interviews are done with the students applying to the unit and care is taken for the confidentiality of these interviews. Support is provided to the student applying to the unit in the direction of their demands and requirements.

Support Areas

  • Making the arrangements and improvements of the living areas in the Campus in the way to eliminate the obstacles
  • Generating suitable education environment for the student
  • Providing the possibilities to be able to utilize scholarship opportunities
  • Providing support in compliance with the social life
  • Arranging awareness trainings related with disability
  • Improving transportation possibilities
  • Giving Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

If a student having education in IzTech feels his/her incompetency in participating to education, training, social and cultural areas due to a health issue taking place in the stated obstacle groups, then the same student can reach us via telephone or mail.