Erasmus Plus Program

In our Institute, Erasmus Student Mobility is conducted in two sub-programs as; Erasmus Student Education Mobility and Erasmus Student Internship Mobility.

With Erasmus Education Mobility, our students have the possibility to have education in the member countries of the program during one semester or during one academic year. Our Institute has more than 70 Bilateral Agreements providing the possibility of Education Mobility.

Our students can utilize Education Mobility Activity for each level (undergraduate, post graduate, doctorate) for at minimum 3 months and maximum 12 months. In each level, our student can utilize the mobility for the second time in the way not to exceed 12 months for total mobility. When our students participating in Education Mobility return, they are able to apply to higher education institutions in abroad for post graduate and doctorate and they are accepted by these institutions easier.

With Erasmus Internship Mobility, there is internship possibility provided to our students again in the institutions and establishments in the member countries in the program for at least 2 months period.